We are often unaware that beneath our feet, woven into the very fabric of the land, are a hundred thousand stories. Between these pages you will see that the layers of rock, sand, and cemented dune – eroded and muted as they are – hold evidence of a journey. From the briefest moment of an eddy casting sand in a stream to the gradual and imperceptible shifting of continents, the land reveals its wanderings.
Through this collection of photos, reflections, and explanations of geological processes, a new vantage point on the coastline of the Great Ocean Road will appear. This book will help you translate the inscriptions and markings in each stone. It will give you the ability to look at a mountain, a valley, or a simple road cutting and to see through time, through layers of rock, to the beginning of things. Take this book and use it as a looking glass: a prism through which you may experience the rocks beneath your feet.
— excerpt form 'Written in Stone'

I started out on this project 8 years ago. It has been an amazing journey. I have spent most of my time taking photos, sketching outcrops,  making maps, researching and writing the text and scrambling over boulders and down sinkholes. If you are interested in this project please add your name to the mailing list or like the book on Facebook

– Philomena Manifold